Extension educational programs and problem-solving assistance are based on the research of land-grant universities such as the University of Connecticut. Extension and outreach programs are delivered throughout Connecticut in one-on-one sessions, workshops, short courses, and demonstrations, and via satellite teleconference, print publications, videotapes, radio, newspaper, periodicals and the Internet.

Turfgrass Science faculty are involved in teaching and research activities in an effort to assist members of the green industry. In addition, the University of Connecticut offers a wide range of services and support that you can take advantage of now.

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Upcoming Events

  1. 10/11 The Social Foundations of Entrepreneurship: Lessons Learned from Expeditions to the Himalayas, the Amazon, the Sahara, and the War in Ukraine
  2. 10/12 Five Centuries of Prints from the William Benton Museum of Art
  3. 10/17 Explore Connecticut History with the CTDA
  4. 10/19 First to Standing Rock: Environmental Racism and Ecojustice
  5. 10/22 UConn Beef Auction